Wwe Raw 05/01/2017 Kurt Angle And Bray Wyatt Segment Full HD

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37 thoughts on “Wwe Raw 05/01/2017 Kurt Angle And Bray Wyatt Segment Full HD”

  1. So bray vs randy was a paper view match champion vs former champion which should of been a rematch for the title and yet it was not a title match ok………….OK WWE fuck you

  2. Bray Wyatt is now a joke. Before you could hear him babble on about stuff and you have no idea what he was talking about but you cared and you wanted him to win. Now its like he says all this stuff and yet can't win a match clean. And its like the stuff he is saying makes less and less sense. What is he saving us from? Orton is still tapped in the house of horrors? You're reborn again? I don't have a clue what he's talking about.

  3. Everytime I hear that music of Kurt Angles, I can't help but want him to walk out like he did at Wrestlemania looking like a bad ass and making Shawn Michaels tap. I miss seeing him coming out to wrestle.

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