WWE Extreme Rules –  Live Sunday June 4 on WWE Network

For one night only, Raw throws the rulebook out the window for WWE’s most extreme night of the year! Don’t miss Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Bayley and all your favorite Raw Superstars compete at Extreme Rules, Sunday, June 4 at 8e/5p, Live on WWE Network.
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43 thoughts on “WWE Extreme Rules –  Live Sunday June 4 on WWE Network

  1. Triple H: hey, Vince, I think maybe Finn Balor should win the fatal five way. He was great in NXT.
    Vince: what's an NXT? Do you mean 205 Live?
    Triple H: ok then if you don't want Balor winning then how about Samoa Joe? He was one of the best NXT champions ever.
    Vince: Samoa? Why, that's where Roman Reigns is from! Boy I do love Roman Reigns! Still don't know what this 'en-ex-tea' you keep talking about is. Is it like the tough enough show?
    Triple H: no, Vince, it's not tough enough. How about something you're more familiar with? Bray Wyatt was a world champion on Smackdown Live so why not give him a win?
    Vince: HA! Shane's title doesn't mean anything! They gave it to Jinder Mahal for Pete's sake. I do love his veiny, muscular body though… It's almost as nice as my big dog Roman Reigns. Ooh Roman Reigns…
    Triple H: Vince! Snap out of it! Look I think Seth Rollins also deserves this win. He was great in the indies, beat me at Wrestlemania and he just debuted a new finisher.
    Vince: what's an 'indee'? Wait, wasn't Seth part of the Shield? With…ROMAN REIGNS!? I've got it Trips! Roman Reigns is winning the fatal five way at extreme rules with one spear so amazing it takes down all four other competitors and they immediately retire. Roman will then go on to face Brock Lesnar at the best named WWE show of all time GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! Roman will(obviously) beat Brock with a roll up and win in three seconds and become the new universal champion and he will hold the belt forever because no one, I mean NO ONE, is beating my big dog Roman Reigns! After the match Roman can then come backstage and give me some Great Balls of Fire if you catch my drift! Ha ha! Great idea Trips!
    Triple H: but…Roman was the one person I didn't suggest and…wait, what was that about Roman giving you 'Great Balls of Fire'?
    Vince: I know! He's doing it right now! (Gargling noises come from under the table) I kind of jumped the gun a bit and just decided to cancel both extreme rules and great balls of fire and just give all of the titles to Roman! Who's a good big dog? You are Roman Reigns! YES YOU ARE!
    Triple H: I can't wait for you to die so I can take over this company.

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