WWE Backlash Kickoff: May 21, 2017

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48 thoughts on “WWE Backlash Kickoff: May 21, 2017

  1. "[Aiden English] is a real Tom Hardy."
    "The Hardyz are on RAW, Tom. Thanks for being relevant."

    …So either JBL has never heard of Tom Hardy before, or he can't remember the names of the individual Hardy Boyz? The former would be kinda dumb, but the latter would just be downright embarassing.

    (Also, good to see JBL continuing to interpret "heel announcer" as "actively trying to undercut the rest of commentary".)

  2. wwe is faggotry and cartoonish overrate and need to go out of business period all they do is do the same thing and water down the real talent cm punk said it best .

  3. my English is bad but :
    Bakclash was with the most suprised , fandango and taylor breeze used smart fighting style with Self Confidence for destroy usos Self Confidence and that was funny and I shocked !!!! luke harper was so good and naomi was like moonshine like before and I like her Entrence . wonderful entrance and wonderful 😀 and Randy had wonderful fight and becky lynch was like valkyrie !! OMG I love his fighting style !!! OMG The WWE for EVER i know if peoples of 10000000 years later coming in this life they should love WWE because the WWE is not the Remember to go sport or undying sport i can see the feture they love this sport . you can choice fighting style , speech the roleplay sport and you can be hero or anti hero for prove themselves . I can feel the champions Emotions . i can be happy or unhappy i can cry or smile the time is on this sport for ever . I love you WWE for ever and ever and more than ever !!! Good Luck . for example the boxer can come and make storyline for himself but WWE is wonderful .Freestyle sport pro wrestling is fighting style in freestyle with story line and any superstars can make their storylines . OMG how i can say what is my feel but I love you WWE I love you for ever !!

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