William Regal considers the future of the NXT Women’s Title: NXT Exclusive, Sept. 6, 2017

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As he weighs options for how to handle the vacant NXT Women’s Title, William Regal admits there might never be another champion as dominant as Asuka.

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46 thoughts on “William Regal considers the future of the NXT Women’s Title: NXT Exclusive, Sept. 6, 2017”

  1. Make a 20 women royal rumble in nxt takeover..include myc competitors…if that happens nxt takeover will be GLORIOUSSS…It will be AWEESOMMEE…it will be DELIGHTFULLLL…The crowd goes WOOOO! if u all want to see that give me damn hell yeahhhhhh!

  2. Ember Moon does deserve it but the decision is a no brainer have a battle royal or tournament and let the winner face the winner of the Mae Young Classic. But then again don't do this because they will favor Kairi or Shayna or Ember Moon so just have an NXT tournament instead lol

  3. It'll probably sound odd, But I personally think, The next champ should be someone who Has NOT faced Asuka. If the next Champ was beaten by the former champ, is she worthy of succeeding her…?

  4. Maybe they should make a women's gauntlet battle royal match(with like the real women on the offical roster) with ember, Nikki, ruby, Billie, Peyton, Sonya, liv, Aliyah,Mandy, and I feel like I'm missing 1 or 2 other ppl but yeah.

  5. Cross is the one who has had the best matches but payton and billy are the best for promos moons promos have been mostly trasg but thats the script people not her fault

  6. I'm not trying to throw shade but some of y'all need to think. Why would they do a nxt tournament when they just did the MYC tournament ( I know the tournament isnt over but it kinda is since we're in the finals)

  7. Asuka should have not giving up her title, but since it happened there should be a 21person elimination tournament who deserve it and don't give it outright to Ember Moon I don'T Think she deserve it she lost to Asuka 4 times.!! James

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