Triple H to join The Club in Tokyo: WWE Now

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Triple H has been part of some legendary factions, and next week, he will join another in Japan.
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48 thoughts on “Triple H to join The Club in Tokyo: WWE Now

  1. I hope the Club start having TV time. I know they are leaving in early 2020, but Ambrose was on TV quite a lot after it was announced he wouldn't re-sign and even got to win a few matches. The Revival are not re-signing either and have said for a while they want to leave, yet they are 2 times tag team champions and even when they didn't have the belt they were on TV every week. Why not do something with The Club?
    A few wins here and there, maybe team with AJ or with Finn sometimes, maybe with both, against a team of heels like Cesaro, Lashley, Corbin Elias…

  2. So WWE Raw and Smackdown is moving from Sky to BT sport. What a stupid move. Not many people have BT sport in the UK and your UK ratings will drop like anything!
    When you think the WWE can't get any dummer.
    Aew's win.

  3. You need to give Abs Anderson and Big Luke Gallows the massive push they deserve. This pairing will definitely be awesome. Gallows please do face paint for the match like old time?

  4. I don't care what group he joins because any match he's in will always be entertaining. He's a 14 world champion after all. I just don't want to see him retire yet. After Super Showdown,after his match with Randy Orton,he sounded like he might be taking a break for awhile.
    Thank God that's not the case. The WWE is so boring without him or Brock Lesnar around. People just don't realize how they add to the roster when they're around. Hey,maybe something will go wrong in this match in Japan,like AJ Styles super-kicking Triple H or something,and we'll get AJ Styles vs.Triple H at Summerslam,huh?

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