The Bella Twins talk about making history with WWE Evolution

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Nikki & Brie Bella discuss their experience as two Superstars at the forefront of the Women’s Evolution
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37 thoughts on “The Bella Twins talk about making history with WWE Evolution”

  1. I can’t believe Nikki just said Total Divas helped the evolution what the hell. She’s definitely not the smart twin I don’t care what those IQ test said.

  2. Everyone bashing the Bellas, which I agree with, but saying they hurt women's wrestling? Aside from one really bad feud a few years ago (100% part of the Authority storyline), how have the Bellas damaged women's wrestling? Surethey did nothing to make it better, but certainly didn't do anything bad. Their reality shows are a separate demographic.

  3. The bellas could become paralyzed and yall would be happy honestly. Nikki didnt say anything wrong she said total divas is platform. Um that's not false. Seeing total divas opened us up to world behind the curtain that we didn't know about. That show brought in more people for more voices audience wise, so many of you guys got to see other women that you look up to on a personal level and how they feel about the business. Yet nikki is wrong for voicing that? Grow up

  4. Honestly just because they said total divas helped the wwe evalution, (I know I dosent) u don’t have to give all this hate, they are amazing wrestler they have been at wwe for 12 years, so like appreciate there effort for everything

  5. Someone name ONE huge, significant, iconic match The Bella's have been in? I'll Wait… the Bella's are a joke they're more known for Total Divas then they're actual "wrestling abilities." Lol

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