Shinsuke Nakamura educates Dolph Ziggler: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 21, 2017

After defeating The Showoff at WWE Backlash 2017, Shinsuke Nakamura is brimming with confidence.
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22 thoughts on “Shinsuke Nakamura educates Dolph Ziggler: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 21, 2017

  1. As I don't follow NXT and I couldn't see this match, I will have to wait to stand an opinion about Shinsuke. I have seen some matches from him and they are good, but I wanted to see the match last night… Damn pirate channels

  2. This is why HHH needs to run the damn company. Vince is ruining young talent like Bayley, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, and I have a feeling Nakamura is next. When they were in NXT under HHH, they all had great build ups and amazing matches and they got the crowd into it, now that they're on the Main roster, they've been nothing like they have in NXT. They do t have the great build ups or those hardcore amazing matches where fans are just having a blast. With all do respect Vince, but it's time to hand the keys over to HHH.

  3. People who are saying that he's "overrated" are the same people who wanted him in the main roster. ." This is why I hate Wrestling fans. I personally love Nakamura, I hope he gets a push soon.

  4. Does he have autism? He clearly needs a manager, I hate it when WWE make wrestlers talk when they have zero mic skills. Why would you set them up for failure like that?

  5. I'm sorry, I won't say this guy is overrated, but just like Balor, he's just an entrance. I know it's easy for you indy marks to say "Go watch him in NXT/Japan" like we haven't all done that already. Sure, these guys are decent in the ring, but they can't cut a promo and have no charisma. We are just supposed to like them because of their previous work? NO. This is the big stage and these guys don't cut it. AJ has came to the WWE and tore it down, I'm loving his work. But these guys that were so big in NXT aren't doing much for me on the main roster. Even Bayley has been a flop. Sure they'll get pushed to the moon and forced on us, but unbiased, they don't offer anything but a nice entrance. I'd rather take a guy who is a good promo/entertaining and average in the ring than a guy who can't talk/offers nothing more than an entrance and slightly above average in ring work. This is the wwE not the wWe. Sure if you're here you can somewhat work in the ring, but in ring work should be about 25% of the wrestler.

  6. Oh yeah he's overrated, he's only the the wrestler of the year of 2014 according to wrestling observer. One of the best of today's age of wrestlers of strong style. One of the best overall performer. Most charismatic today. In the wrestling observers hall of fame. Yeah he's totally overrated.

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