Shawn Michaels Sells Out?

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The Show-Stopper, Shawn Michaels, is appointed Commissioner by Mr. McMahon. But will he listen to the Corporation or make his own rules?

31 thoughts on “Shawn Michaels Sells Out?

  1. Ive been a huge hbk fan since i was little but i dont believe he got hurt cus he was wrestling in his wrestling company. I believe he got jealous that stone cold was given the thrown and like he has always been he didnt want to pass the torch

  2. I would love to see more from the attitude era and the WCW Monday Nitro and Thunder era and classic pay per view matches from the Monday Night Wars era from both WWE & WCW, it would be so cool 😎 to see on Blu-Ray Disc as a collector’s edition.

  3. 90s Shawn was the best wwe star ever. He saved the business alone. When guys like kevin nash, scott hall, hulk hogan, ric flair and other top superstars left for wcw, he saved the business with his attitude, charisma and match quality. He created the greatest faction in wrestling business DX. If his injury didnt happen he would have been the greatest ever without a shadow of a doubt. He is still best ever for many one.

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