Samoa Joe is relentless in his fight with Roman Reigns: WWE Backlash 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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Samoa Joe throws caution to the wind and launches himself through the air in an intense bout with Roman Reigns: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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50 thoughts on “Samoa Joe is relentless in his fight with Roman Reigns: WWE Backlash 2018 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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  2. Roman reigns don't deserve to be in main event.. they should send him back to basics.. he is fainted as hell in first second and all of sudden he is diving running moving like he is totally fresh.. after all that beating how someone is supposed to be that fresh.. every fyt of Roman clearly show wwe is scripted.. i loved all other fyts but Roman is getting worst day by day.

  3. Everyone is getting angry over Roman winning and I'm out here trying to figure out what the point of this match was…. Like who cares who wins…they get nothing….waste of a match

  4. I remember they had a cracking match on the first Raw of the year. And then this. It was designed for the typical comeback rather than making it an actual good match

  5. Jesus these Roman Fanboys in the comments .. I mean how dumb you have to be to cheer this guy? He isnt bad in the Ring and maybe a nice guy but he is MAINEVENTING every ppv he is on. They put him over the WWE title.. Thanks god we have people like Miz, Rollins, Braun and Elias on the Mainroaster. Nxt is so much better!

  6. Here we go again. “Blah blah blah blah blah I hated this match ONLY because Roman Reigns was in it, because I am a single celled obtuse organism who feels falsely entitled to ruin everything that regular fans like.” Seriously guys stop going to wwe events if you continue to be this ridiculously disrespectful. The match was good, there were no botches. Sure a Reigns heel turn needs to happen only so he can go off on fans who deserve it.

  7. Why is this match main eventing the ppv and not the wwe title match? Has roman become more prestigious than the wwe title itself? This match hadn't much implications behind it.. It was just a grudge match and it main events the ppv and not the wwe title match?

  8. A match with no championship at stake, not much storied animosity between the two men but is still the MAIN EVENT instead a WWE Championship with everything above mentioned yet some idiots say why people hate Roman!

    F*** YOU ROMAN
    F*** WWE Booking
    F*** You Vince

  9. See WWE? This is what happens when everyone in the audience knows that Joe carried this entire feud and you weren't going to give him the win.

    This is what happens when everyone knows that your formula for Reigns is that he's going to be carried by Joe offensively and then come back and win with a spear while making every one of Joe's finishers seem like it's ineffective ultimately.

    This is what happens when you forever telegraph that Reigns will always win unless it's vs Brock Lesnar till you have him beat Lesnar too.

    This is the crowd's way of telling you they're done with Reigns in this position. They didn't even boo him, they were just indifferent and tired of it.

    They knew Joe wasn't going over, and they left. That is the worst thing WWE can hope for.

    I think the crowd and the fans finally realized they aren't gonna make WWE listen by constantly boo'ing Reigns. They'll just get patronized and "Well they boo Cena too lol keep it up."

    But walking out on Reigns because they know you're gonna hand him the win, is another message entirely. Hopefully one the WWE hear loud and clear.

    We'll see if they actually listen, or if they just blame Joe for it and keep trying to protect Reigns and promote him in a way the fans no longer care to see.

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