Ronda Rousey’s biblical response to Bella betrayal: WWE Now

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Ronda Rousey did not mince words after her supposed friends Nikki and Brie Bella attacked her on Raw.
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30 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey’s biblical response to Bella betrayal: WWE Now”

  1. Nobody gonna be Rousey she’s the next Brock Lesnar, because she’s “mma/ufc.” I genuinely hate Ronda now she’s ruined WWE and what the women have done to revolutionize the division. She’s gonna become Brock 2.0 and I’m gonna hate wwe. Bliss should still be champ imo atleast she’s beatable and can have a good feud with someone

  2. Renee Young called The Bella Twins Trailblazers on Raw I laughed for two full minutes I could not believe they would tell such a bold-faced lie. I'm not blaming Renee I'm blaming Vince.

  3. The Bellas has made a big mistake to mess with Ronda Rousey, that Stephanie McMahon once called Ronda the most dangerous unarmed woman on the planet, & that was when Ronda Rousey was still in UFC. And don’t forget that Ronda Rousey has 3 friends in NXT ( Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, & Marina Shafir), who is also Ronda’s MMA horsewomen teammates.

  4. ‘Time to remind the world my words of 2015’ “Revolution started during her record breaking title reign” Where is AJ when you need her because the division has become a joke now.

  5. I hope Nikki Bella wins. I’ve always been a Fan of The Bella Twins even when they are Heels&Face. But Brie has kinda lost her touch but I mean I still give her credit for coming back and trying I think a few more months of training she will be okay

  6. WWE you should suspend the bellas keep them out of the spotlight for a long time teach them a lesson it's not the Bella's show is The Women's Evolution Bellas are trying to get noticed again after the break up with one of the biggest super star wrestlers and after building a family ( nothing against that ) but I do have a problem with egotistical narcissistic attention hags doing harm for no reason like they own the place

  7. Sure
    Let's make the entire division revolve around a newcommer in wrestling who became champion way too soon and the Bellas, who already made it all about them the last 4 years or so

  8. So Dantes Inferno is part of the bible now. Thanks WWE didnt know that. Guess I'll have to change my definition of "biblical". And here I am thinking that it's nothing to do with the bible…..silly me.

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