Roman Reigns on winning one for pride: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

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After losses to Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns describes what his victory over Samoa Joe at WWE Backlash meant to him.
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41 thoughts on “Roman Reigns on winning one for pride: WWE Backlash Exclusive, May 6, 2018

  1. So basically Vince doesn't see those over superstars like Rusev but thinks Roman is so over with the crowd? Man you should get yourself check Vince. I smell brain cancer brewing on them little brain of yours.

  2. Well,well.. here in this comment section..looks like I will read the same,recycled,shoved-down-the-throat and repeated excuses and sarcastic remarks plus negative mentions about Roman.Although is does have a 'slight' difference,yet still..it was all the back to the square one again and again and again..(I can keep repeating as long as I can..)Keep all the thoughts for yourself,okay?.A number of mere comments and also some childish action from the spectators (I read somewhere in this section or in another Roman match video if I wasn't mistaken)..went home early..do you think the WWE will even care?.Hell, even WWE never gives a damn about my own comments here,got it?.As long as Roman is their source of bigger profits to WWE,they will keep on focusing on him no matter what kind of bad sabotaging plans you guys and girls take!!.

  3. Vince is trying to shove this man down our throat with him being in the main event of every pay-per-view

    They made the WWE Heavyweight Championship look like a (B) Championship

    The WWE Heavyweight title match should've closed the show for the prestige of the title

  4. Think WWE should be building their company around the likes of Seth Rollins, NOT Roman Reigns. WWE can't ignore the fact that fans were leaving the show DURING the main event. Though knowing Vince, he'll probably blame Samoa Joe for the poor main event reaction rather than Roman Reigns

  5. I don't hate Roman ; infact I like Roman but not this Roman. The silent Roman who can strike anytime. I'd like if Roman Reigns gets a heel run like Mark Henry in 2011.

  6. The WWE has ruined Roman with this "my yard" gimmick. The sad thing is he's actually a really nice guy in real life. The only way to save him is to turn him full on heel! He would kill it.

  7. Pride? Fans were literally leaving the building during that match!
    There is nothing more embarrassing for a wrestler than when fans decide they've had enough during your main event.

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