Paying homage to The Undertaker: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

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Deadman Walking! Artist Rob Schamberger paints the duality of The Undertaker throughout his many personas in WWE, including his biker run during the Attitude Era.
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24 thoughts on “Paying homage to The Undertaker: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

  1. New Match Type: Your Welcome MC Man…

    New Day Rulez: Kofi as WWE Champion and all members of New Day will also be Heavyweight champion. ie 3 in 1 Heavyweight champions, and 3v1 matches against single opponents (ie. 3v1 Handicap match for Title), or 3v3 for Heavyweight title and any of New Day opponents could walk away and win the Heavyweight belt (thus, returning the WWE Heavyweight title picture/matches back to 1v1) by pinning New Day member Kofi Kingston, since Kofi technically signed the WrestleMania contract.

    ie. Kofi wins at WrestleMania, clean solo victory

    ie. Kofi on following Monday Night Raw after PPV explains to WWE Universe that Technically 'New Day' (as a group) won at WrestleMania, so all members of New Day may defend the title verses any single opponents.

    ie. Kofi explains to WWE Universe that technically he signed the WrestleMania contract as 'New Day', instead of just Kofi Kingston.

    ie. New Match Type > New Day Rulez > ie. 3v1 or 2v1 handicap matches, or random New Day member verses anyone going for single WWE Heavyweight title match.

    ie. Leads to > New Day v. The Authority

  2. Taker needs 2 last WM matches one at WM 35 against Roman Reigns, win and get his revenge and the other one at WM 36 against Brock Lesnar to win again and get the revenge for The Streak and finally retire. That would be awesome <3_<3

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