Mickie James vs. Emma: Raw, Aug. 28, 2017

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The bitter Emma takes on Mickie James in a match with big social media ramifications.


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34 thoughts on “Mickie James vs. Emma: Raw, Aug. 28, 2017”

  1. THAT IS SO AWFUL!!! REALLY DISGUSTING. HOW COULD EMMA BEAT THE LEGEND MICKIE JAMES? HOW DARE WWE TREAT MICKIE THIS WAY? SO SAD. Emma is so generic, until today she could not fit a fixed gimmick. Mickie James deserves better! Raw bookers are soooo BORING!

  2. Notice how when the music hit she got no reaction when she came out cause everyone is like WTF is this music? And the king is really talking about her blue lips during the match? Wth cares ?

  3. Man they both are smoking hot but by god did this match suck. This match reminded me of the divas matches back in 2000s…which is not a good thing. This was like women taking a step backwards.

  4. Emma is going mental. I think the point of this match was for Emma to have this delusional character and lose a bunch of matches then go batshit crazy and starts beating up everybody. I just hope so

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