Lacey Evans has a "Manly" challenge ahead: Raw Exclusive, April 15, 2019

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The Lady of WWE comments on the red brand Women’s division as she prepares to face Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship.
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34 thoughts on “Lacey Evans has a "Manly" challenge ahead: Raw Exclusive, April 15, 2019

  1. This rivalry is so random Lacey has been here for months strutting down the aisle not even in a match then after Mania oh now let's give Lacey a shot at both Women's championships hey i like Evans but it's still a rushed push way too soon

  2. Toxic fans stop critiquing! Rule #2: so called fans must not be critics of anything and only sit back, shut up, and enjoy show so you toxic fans have no rights as critics any longer. Rule #3 so called fans must not comment on womens appearances either only the athletics … Go be The Lion King! Hear me roar! – Sincerely, youre not worth it

  3. An opportunity you never earned lacy

    Was that you deal with vince when you got moved up to each brand, have her walk up and down that ramp 50 times then wel see about that championship opportunity, this may be the worst raw ever

    Vince has gone more mad than raiden in mk9

  4. Sorry to say but u r just getting poor and poor. Used to see both raw and smackdown, but hate to see that u aren't bringing worthy competitors ahead and still giving importance to Roman and seth

  5. I Respect That Lacey Served In The US Marines, But As A WWE Performer. She Really Just Flaunts Herself, Doing Nothing On The Ring's Ramp. Until She Couldn't Hack It With, The Man. Winning Both WWE Women's Titles, And Worse. What I Feel As ** Really Setting The Woman's Right Off ! Becky 2 Belts, Has Her Own Honest. INDEPENDENT Values. And Lacey Is Another, Hive- Minded Feminist. Who Can't Bring Our Irish Lass, Down To Her Way Of Thinking. Who For A Feminist, Sure As Hell. From The Way She Carried Herself, In This Interview. Needs A Fan- Stud Bad Tonight ! You'd Never See, A Feminist On Camera. Have The Balls, In Front Of The World Watching. Get Herself, Turned On Like That ! LOL !!! Ronda Was Far More Worse On That 1, At Pleasuring Herself ! Remember That Horrific, 20 Second Title Defense. Against Dana Brooke ?! Ronnie, Long- Arming Dana. And Breaking It, Got Her Steaming Hot For Her Man Travis !!! LOL !!! That Was Worse, Than Lacey's Performance In This Q, & A Segment ! If She Didn't Just Hypacritocley Flaunt Herself, Every Week Until Now. If She Wanted To Talk With Me At Least, LOL !!! Oh Yeah, I Think I'd Let Her Talk. But Not About Anything, Serious !! Get It ?! LOL !!! The Adorably Sultry, Comedic. Irish Lass Kicker, I Would Love To Have That Long Fun Talk With !!! After Listening To What She Puts On Her Radar About. It's Like Listening To Me Talk, About ** !!! LOL !!! Again, If Lacey Wasn't Self- Messed Up, And Needed A Nice Fan To Be With Tonight, I Think I Would Help. But She's A Bit ** Up ! I'd Rather Take- Care Of, In The WWE Religiously. Becky !!! LOL !!!

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