Kurt Angle And Bayley Backstage Segment -Wwe Raw 05/15/2017 Full HD

11 thoughts on “Kurt Angle And Bayley Backstage Segment -Wwe Raw 05/15/2017 Full HD

  1. Apparently, I am the only one commenting who likes Bayley and that's quite sad to me. All of you Bayley bashers find it more convenient to point out her shortcomings rather than give her any credit. Bayley is not the best on the mic but how long are you going to hold that against her? She is a competitor who, much like John Cena and Roman Reigns, puts her heart and soul into every match… whether she emerges victorious or not. Also, she exhibits an enormous amount of respect for her fellow competitors and more importantly the fans who are largely responsible for making wrestling such a popular and successful sport. I like her positive, upbeat attitude and how she never lets anyone or anything hold her back. In time all of you fools are going to look back and realize just how important Bayley was to the women's division and hopefully I'll still be alive to say, "I told you so!"

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