Is Carmella truly ready for Asuka?: SmackDown Exclusive, June 12, 2018

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After tapping out to the Asuka Lock during the 10-Woman Tag Team Match on SmackDown LIVE, The Princess of Staten Island says she was at a disadvantage, and is more than prepared for The Empress of Tomorrow at WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday.
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29 thoughts on “Is Carmella truly ready for Asuka?: SmackDown Exclusive, June 12, 2018”

  1. No, she's not ready for Asuka, she's going to destroy her, she's going to do what she wants with Carmella, but in the end somehow Carmella will retain the championship

  2. Carmella too scared she just going too be like a champion she needes too be a champion not be a afraid of asuk Charlotte or any body else she needs too learn too be a champion she needs to ack like one and take risk and be the champion that Charlotte was she was not afraid she beat asuke but can Carmella bet asuka at WrestleMania Carmella ready look what Happened too her she tap out too asuka well that happen too her on Sunday well she loses too asuka can't wait until asuka shows how is ready in the ring at all times💓💓😎👏💨💍

  3. She can be underdog but if i wonder wwe keep them like same storyline because it’s kinda getting boring and i hope they build up more focus a women because it’s so repeatedly storyline and not always unique storyline and i hope wwe takes note from past women era and nxt women how they work and how the division is getting more intense

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