Is Carmella concerned about the 10-Woman Tag Team Match?: SmackDown LIVE, June 12, 2018

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The Princess of Staten Island isn’t worried about the possibility of facing Asuka in tonight’s main event.
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43 thoughts on “Is Carmella concerned about the 10-Woman Tag Team Match?: SmackDown LIVE, June 12, 2018”

  1. Listen here WWE Universe don't just don't get it do you. You gotta think alike WWE thinks Mela is money and Mela will beat Asuka. You guys are not looking at the big picture the reason Mel is going to win is because it's setting up for the big event. SummerSlam is coming and guess who's coming back Nikki Bella The Fearless One. At SummerSlam it's going to be the princess of Staten Island the champion Carmella versus Nikki Bella The Fearless One for the greatest wrestling match of all the WWE Women's Championship it will be the greatest battle in women's history that's why Carmelo is going to be Asuka

  2. You people need to wake up and think like Stephanie McMahon this summer we're going to see the greatest wrestling match in the history of women's wrestling WWE Champion Carmella against The Fearless One Nikki Bella who will be making her return to SummerSlam that's what this is all building up to it's going to be the greatest women's match in the history of women's matches

  3. They better not have Carmella lose the title, she is good with the belt and can cut a good promo, Asuka is a good wrestler but can’t cut a promo, Carmella is just so much better

  4. Money in the bank 2018: Carmella retains as smackdown women’s champion against asuka and goes to the mic and says “I proved myself right,I am the baddest woman on the planet Out comes Trish stratus

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