FULL MATCH —The Rock vs. Goldberg: Backlash 2003 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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The Rock and Goldberg go to war in the main event of Backlash 2003: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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50 thoughts on “FULL MATCH —The Rock vs. Goldberg: Backlash 2003 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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  2. The Rock will be fine as president.

    *Michael Cole – Secretary
    *Booker T – Education department
    *Kane – Health and Wellbeing
    *Stone Cold Steve Austin – Employer/Employee relations
    *Stephenie McMahon Helmsly – Social development – Ensuring Everybody gets 'a turn'
    *Bret hart – Justice Department

    Got Fired:
    *Mick Foley – health and Wellbeing. . .Now works in a clothing store.
    *Steve Blackman – border control . . . Has substituted his Kindo stick for Bamboo to feed Panda's
    *Vince McMahon – Justice department . . . .Currently in a mental hospital
    *Undertaker – hired himself into the Ministry of darkness – Now builds coffins

  3. The Rock was so entertaining that he was being cheered despite the fact that he was a heel at the time. That's another reason as to why Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are entertaining legends who can actually wrestle long matches. Good luck with your channel.

  4. this man managed to be on his both feet after 7 continous german suplexes….goldberg's a beast!!!

    they spoiled all his legacy in that fkd up scripted match at wm33……

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