FULL MATCH – The Revival vs. American Alpha – NXT Tag Team Championship: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

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The dynamic Jason Jordan & Chad Gable look to take down The Revival to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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43 thoughts on “FULL MATCH – The Revival vs. American Alpha – NXT Tag Team Championship: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

  1. American Alpha was an awesome team. Main roster is dumb for breaking them up. Looks like Jason’s in ring career is over cause he hasn’t wrestled in going on 2 years I think

  2. So these superstars u saw in thumbnail are now wasted by WWE.
    Vince is making so many superstars into jokes
    Sad to saw very less stars are good.
    I want more competition but coz of Tattoo you removed Aliester Black wtf Saudi Arabia is Joke??

  3. Who remembers Jason Jordon son of Famous Kurt Angle?
    Well Revivals and American Alpha are outta nowhere now.
    Damn y Vince you making WWE a boring show…
    Who remembers old WWE was entertaining coz predictions were less and that time anyone could win.
    Now I'm tired Triple H you will only sleep. I can see Stephanie as well.

  4. Then: Wow very good team🤩🤩
    They will give good matches.
    WWE will make very good bookings.
    Now: Make wastage of these talents
    Why WWE is making bad booking?
    Didn't they know that they're the future? 😡😡

  5. Lets take a moment to appreciate how NXT gave us like 30 amazing tag teams on the main roster over the next 4 years or so, which highlighted some of the best wrestling we’ve seen in WWE for a while at Takeover, and a grand total of ZERO of them have stuck together, not been ruined/buried by booking, or had a meaningful title reign so far. Now that takes talent to screw up!

  6. Matches on way here we go good started know was move make Chad gable mad nice German suplex Chad gable here we go for man in ring referee stop just time nice shoulder tackle nice team work smart move go after arm tag made knife edge chop nice team work America alpha thunder right hand back neck this way the revival most dangerous tag team smart move work neck Chad gable trying get out of it nice team work the revival nice submission sunset flip scott dawson kick out the revival try to cheat in matches did not work referee saw in time tag made mistake let Chad tag in Jason Jordan spear corner pick up over belly suplex Chad gable just stop in time nice dropkick chad gable going for spear corner miss out kick out Scott dawson again Scott dawson kick out tag made Scott dawson did see it now does American alpha Jason Jordan pick Scott dawson up throw Chad gable German suplex cover American alpha are nxt tag team champion what a matches that my favorite moment at takeover Dallas leave like on it

  7. American Alpha shouldn’t have been broken up. And Dash and Dawson should NEVER have jobbed to other tag teams. Tag team wrestling NEEDS to be treated better. Seriously. Give the tag teams a chance WWE

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