Elimination Chamber Match OMG Moments: WWE Top 10

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The epic battles within the Elimination Chamber Match frequently leave the WWE Universe at a loss for words. Here are the best moments from the unforgiving steel structure that left fans saying, “OMG!”
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36 thoughts on “Elimination Chamber Match OMG Moments: WWE Top 10”

  1. what happened to John Morrison; as he was the first to jump off the ceiling of the chamber. And what happened to Shawn Michaels coming from under the chamber to sweet chin music the undertaker and have Jericho win the championship???

  2. Moments that were waaaaay better:
    -Jericho being thrown at the Cameraman
    -Morrison diving from the top over Sheamus
    -John Cena being eliminated by a triple finisher.
    -Undertaker chokeslamming MVP off the chamber.
    -Shawn Michaels being thrown at the pod (First ever elimination chamber)
    -JBL hitting everyone with a chair before leaving.

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