Brutality reigns in WWE Title Triple Threat Match: WWE Fastlane 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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WWE Champion “The New” Daniel Bryan fights to survive against Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali in a smashmouth Triple Threat Match: Courtesy of WWE Network.


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42 thoughts on “Brutality reigns in WWE Title Triple Threat Match: WWE Fastlane 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

  1. What the fans want:
    Kofi vs Daniel Bryan

    What WWE wants:
    Replace Kofi
    Kevin Owens Face turn
    Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens
    Kofi vs The Bar Handicap Match
    Add Ali in the match to protect Owens to get the pinfall

  2. Putting Mustafa Ali in this match was good for 2 reasons

    1. He never got his tittle opportunity at the elimination chamber

    2. Kofi could be the underdog and win his first wwe Championship at Wrestlemania

  3. Ali should have never been booked like that. I think if you put anyone in that position they are going to get booed. Yes, technically Ali does deserve a title shot the problem is he hasn't been on tv and they've put all that effort into the crowd voting for Kofi and put no effort into reminding people that Ali is still there. I was in the crowd and people were already wanting Kofi and to tease that he is going to be in the match and then say "nope Ali is" and when he came out I was just confused then I had to remember "oh yeah he got hurt". There was no "Oh my god Ali is back" more of "That's not Kofi" they didn't take the time to remind you why we were behind Ali and spent more time saying "Look Kofi's been in the business for this long, he got screwed over, etc.." I feel bad for Ali and KO and Bryan because they did amazing in the match just the way the match was booked is what resulted in the crowd taking over the match. Now that's just my opinion and why I booed. I personally think this match and the ppv was awesome. I just think they could have booked it better, by building up Ali's return or having a heel take Kofi's place in the match or just kept it One on One and have it end in a way that it doesn't hurt KO or Bryan's momentum. Again just my opinion.

  4. You guys realize Mustafa was suppose to get that push that Kofi has. But no, Mustafa got injured before Elimination Chamber and was replaced by Kofi. Kofi got a lucky push and got over big time.

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