Braun Strowman is the Last Man Standing: Raw, Jan. 29, 2018

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The Monster Among Men shows no remorse after dismantling Kane in their Last Man Standing Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match.
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47 thoughts on “Braun Strowman is the Last Man Standing: Raw, Jan. 29, 2018

  1. For years and years they made Brock lesnar look strong and now they are booking Braun strowman like this. WWE has become more stupid with story lines. Attitude era gave attention to all the WWE superstars which was a delight to watch

  2. Kane isn't "buried". He's hit "timeless" status. The dude's like Chris Jericho, Goldust or the Big Show. No matter how often he loses at this point, it doesn't matter. He'll get some kind of reaction and he's more interested in getting the younger guys over. He's older now, his prime push years are done, but apparently, Glenn Jacobs is one of the most loved guys backstage. He'll be fine, and we'll all look forward to the day he gets inducted into the hall of fame.

  3. Honestly Giving Braun the IC title is almost a demotion, he should squash miz in a matter of minutes and If he doesn't then that is already bad, but the IC title is meant to help build up credibility to elevate someone to become a Main eventer, Braun is already on that level and is so over, it would be a step backwards for him, You don't see Brock Lesnar with the IC title do you?

  4. Braun Strowman deserves to win the universal title I mean he met Lesnar twice and lost what a joke and if Roman Reigns wants the title too then just make a triple threat in mania how bout that?

  5. WWE please give lesnar a different challenge for his universal title, he has beaten Braun twice now. It's not wrestlemania worthy.

    Ps. Finn balor never got his rematch.😉

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