Bayley is ready for change: SmackDown Exclusive, April 16, 2019

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Bayley talks about her new home following the Superstar Shake-up, and how the change of brands is energizing her.
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49 thoughts on “Bayley is ready for change: SmackDown Exclusive, April 16, 2019

  1. That’s a great pick, Bayley on SmackDown Live, I like Bayley so much, like, also it would have been better if they get Sasha Banks on SmackDown Live, so that can get a rematch against The IIconics for the Tag Team Women’s Championship, that will be super cool 👍🏾

  2. This is probably for the best for Bayley. The tag team with Sasha just wasn’t working for them at all. They shine more as solo wrestlers although it was great to see them win the woman’s tag team titles. It’s a shame they were made to lose them so quickly.

  3. So what happened to Sasha Banks? She isn't happy with WWE, Vince McMahon, Stephine McMahon. She's upset she lost wrestlemania – the biggest match. Back stage — There was outburst, yelling, and rage. WWE decide to give her time off. Sasha Bank is like CM PUNK pipe bomb or david batista quitting WWE. Reason she's not coming back. She hates tag team iiconics. They beat her.

  4. Why is bayley getting booed, do fans even check themselves? Even booing Sasha is really unreasonable, but at least people can justify their unreasonable behaviour to an extent by saying Sasha took her ball and went home. But bayley stuck on man despite all the mistreatment she showed up on BOTH Raw and Smackdown what more do you guys want? Seriously wwe crowd is fking toxic and in the new Daniel Bryan's words, FICKLE!

  5. Wwe is petty. Sasha said that she was team Blue since she was a kid. Now with the controversy with Sasha, they send her partner to the show that Sasha has wanted to be on since the 2016 Brand split.

  6. to think that her and Sasha had really good matches down at NXT only for her to be booed now. WWE ruined her and Sasha both. She deserves better. Hopefully she'll get her chance here on Smackdown as, someone once said, it is the land of opportunity

  7. If Sasha comes back and is on Raw, with Naomi on there and Tamina on here own (Nia injured), I smell a team B.A.D reunion. Hope Bayley can do well for herself on the blue brand though.

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