Aleister Black vs. Curt Hawkins: WWE NXT, May 24, 2017

Raw Superstar Curt Hawkins tries to even the score against Aleister Black in a rematch from WWE Main Event. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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45 thoughts on “Aleister Black vs. Curt Hawkins: WWE NXT, May 24, 2017

  1. Curt Hawkins deserves a mid-card push on the main roster. He's actually an underrated wrestler who formed a successful tag team with Zack Ryder in 2008. Give Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder a chance.

  2. They need to keep Aleister Black's little ramp thing in the middle of the stage. For me, it's awkward seeing him rise up and then have to walk to the center of the stage.

  3. I feel bad for Curt Hawkins. WWE brought him back just to job for someone. He didn't had a decent push. He could've be a decen US champion.

  4. PLEASE don't see a talent like Aleister to Raw/Smackdown. PS, does anyone know when/if Asuka will be in the main roster? If so, which brand will she go to?

  5. Even though he lost.. Hawkins still looked a lot better on NXT than he has on Raw.. they just gotta give the man time, as for Black.. not much needs to be said.. guys gonna be a megastar

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