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Ariel Helwani interviews Jon Jons on his big comeback & to explain why he went for Alex Guusstoffasson on stage. Followed by an interview with current HW & LW UFC World Champion, Daniel Cormier.

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Check him out he’s really good.

35 thoughts on ““WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT JON?” – UFC 230”

  1. I honestly believe the kid is maturing and realizing he doesnt want to ruin the rest of career. Let's hope so. Been a fan since the beginning so it's no different now still think hes the greatest ever.

  2. Been hoping for time at times having to pinch myself still time to go before locked in octagon, Praying nothing goes wrong Mr Bones …

    Looking Strong and for sure wanting to let whole Devision know. Dream On.

  3. You have to love after a guy gets caught doing coke and roids , runs into a pregnant women's car , tells police officers to get fuc$ed . But now hes found God all is forgiven. Unless he doesn't bring in the pay-per-view numbers . Also great Job DC beating a guy that just fought 28 days ago . I know it's not Dana White giving you easy fights hoping you wipe out Stipe Miocic legacy . If you are the GOAT you'll fight that irrelevant WWE wrestler
    Nobody cares about but a few WWE fans and Dana White .

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