What Really Happened at UFC 235 (Robbie Lawler vs Ben Askren)

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Here I will analyze the controversial bout in Robbie Lawler vs Ben Askren. Was the stoppage justified?

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36 thoughts on “What Really Happened at UFC 235 (Robbie Lawler vs Ben Askren)

  1. Anytime Dana White doesn't like the outcome, he wants a rematch. We don't need a bloody rematch. Lawler had no defense for this choke, even if he wasn't "out" there was a slim chance of him escaping this. Askren said he put everything into that choke.

  2. By slow mo you might say lawler gives the thumbs up but in real time its hard to tell and also askren is in good position to squeeze more and break that jaw if the fight wasn't stop early

  3. Robbie came out looking AWESOME!!!! I thought askren's celebrations were too exaggerated as though he had dominated and got a legitimate finish. And saying ' is that the best you've got?', that was very poor sportsmanship.

  4. Askren choked him, the arm went limp or lawler decided to do noodle arm for…? Can’t believe askren made it out of that barrage of punches. Lawler is a standup dude. Respect to both, now let’s see a rematch. Lawler could drop him.

  5. Askren should fight the winner of Till/Masvidal NEXT

    W/L/D after that fight .

    Then Askren should come back and have a rematch with Lawler

    Me personally I feel it was inevitable , Lawler was NOT going to get out of that submission hold . He was done

    But despite what I think , there is still controversy and doubt

    So a rematch has to happen

  6. If that fight was not stopped then Robbie would have had 2 more minutes of that bulldog choke by Ben Askren that’s a long time to have Ben crushing on your jaw

  7. Ben got fuuucked up, somehow survived, stayed in the fight and, what's really impressive, started to control Lawler. I was sure he was gonna get TKO'ed, but damn. Askren is stronger than he appears! Miserable standup skills, i'm sure, but still displayed the heart of a fighter in this one. Respect!

    Herb Dean did his job, IMO.

  8. Despite the controversy this was just one of the coolest fights I've seen in a while. That crazy slam, Ben taking all those shots and then recovering, so much crazy shit in such a short fight.

  9. You can even see Herb apologize to Robbie pretty quick, Herb could tell right away.. dang, i messed up. Nobody sayin refs have an easy job..but Robbie got Robbied

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