What Really Happened at UFC 226 (Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier)

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Here I will break down and analyze the super fight between then-Heavyweight Champion in Stipe Miocic and now double champion in Daniel Cormier. What were DC’s patterns? What was DC’s maneuver to capitalize on Stipe’s right hand? What ultimately did Stipe do to allow himself to get caught in the clinch?

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31 thoughts on “What Really Happened at UFC 226 (Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier)”

  1. Yooooooopp!!!! Dope breakdown. Had you not explained him going for DC right hand…I would swear it was a fixed fight. But it made total sense why Stipes left arm was down so low that he took such a wide open punch.

    Good stuff!! DC is that dude!

  2. Dc won because hes way better. He's basically undefeated. He won by knockout. He won the exact way people though stipe would win. He's a better wrestler, more experienced, smart, ar arguably faster at that weight and of course stronger.

    If one dude is 5'10 at 246 pounds and the other is 6'4 243 you can assume the 510 dude has more muscle mass. Stipe had nothing other than some sloppy boxing and ok ground game. He knew he was going to lose look at his pregame interviews.

  3. For the record, you CAN hear the ref CLEARLY say to DC: "I've already warned you 3 times about the fingers"……..or something very similar to that. But no matter what the exact words were from the ref, the ref made it known that DC was REPEATEDLY poking Stipe with extended fingers. Even calling a brief time-out during one of those eye pokes. Those repeated eye pokes & the fact they were repeated looks INTENTIONAL. A single, or maybe even a couple eye pokes could be accidental……..but not this many, even after a clear warning from the ref, who clearly mentioned that DC had ALREADY used extended fingers 3 times before. I'm not saying this is why Stipe got knocked out………but anyone who has ever been poked in the eye knows………..it sure doesn't help matters. And Stipe could actually be seen squinting his eye during that final clench where the KO happened. If only Stipe had protested the eye pokes during the fight, but he didn't………and he didn't even complain about the eye pokes after the fight. Even after the loss, Stipe doesn't seem to take issue with the repeated eye pokes. That fact alone, negates any "controversy"………but video replay & slow motion will always have its witnesses to what actually took place during any fight. But if Stipe himself isn't complaining about eye pokes from DC………then all the fight fans might as well just let it go & say: "It is what it is".

  4. DC is a sorry mother fucker. Those eye pokes/scrapes were intentional without a doubt. Who in the fuck throws open hands in a full on fight? With fingers sticking straight out? Before this fight, I didn't have anything against DC, but I did want Miocic to win. But it's the way DC won that makes the whole thing reek of pure dog shit. Oh well, it's not even being talked about in the mma media (which is suspicious as hell) so it is what it is.

  5. I think that Miocic held back because he knew he could beat DC at any moment. Compare Miocic vs Ngannou and you'll see how dominant Miocic can be. Since there's no bad blood between Miocic and DC, I think Miocic didn't want to embarrass DC too quickly and figured he'd give the crowd a couple of rounds. But DC only winning in mind and he took advantage of the situation. Big mistake by Miocic.

  6. I always have problems when someone proports to KNOW what someone else is "trying" to do…and why. And also This idea of your speculation about the so-called second eye poke.

  7. Bisbing and Miocic look alike! That haircut makes them look like brothers or clones! Every time I see Stipe I think he's Bisbing and have to remember that he's not! lol

  8. Stipe was DOMINATING that fight. I think he thought it was too easy, became over-confident, relaxed too much, and lost the fight as a result. Stipe needs a coach that trains to beat a specific style he will be fighting. I WANT A RE-MATCH. And I will be putting my money on Stipe for that ………….

  9. Eye pokes are the reason he won, the shot shot you dont see is the one that hurts the most. The ref gave a warning and gave stipe no time to recover and 5 secs later he was punched with his eyes closed to avoid getting poked.

  10. Why has nobody raised hell about the two intentional eye pokes that DC did to Stipe miocic.???? The referee and the Nevada Gaming Commission let this go by without any retaliation and without disqualifying Daniel Cormier for his dirty cheating fighting. Why, did the referee let this go by not only once but twice in the round.??? Worst referee in the world that would let this happen and let this go on without disqualifying Daniel Cormier in a heavyweight championship fight??? Also, why has the Nevada gaming Commission not come back and disqualified Daniel for cheating that way??? They all must be getting paid off by Dana White.

  11. DC is a bitch. funny how he knocked him out hitting the same side of the same as the 1 major eye poke and the second partial eye poke. ALL IN ONE ROUND. if they run that back, that would not come out that way. Stipe would win.

  12. Maybe the 2nd "eye poke" was just a hard hit with the upper hard part of the palm. If you practise slow enough you may hit quite precisly in (controlled) fight mode.

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