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http://teachmegrappling.com This video I breakdown the Askren vs Lawler fight at UFC 235. Check out the details and you are sure to find something useful! Enjoy! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please comment below. More videos to come! Please like, share, and subscribe!!

47 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED!?? Ben ASKREN vs Robbie LAWLER UFC Breakdown!

  1. Ben Askren`s chock was not under the chin of Robbie. Pretty important detail, clearly i don't think Robbie was out 🙂
    After Robbies hand Drop ^^like a stone ^^ he lifts the hand again and gives the okay sign. Which Dean herb did not see.
    even Big john said it was a bad stoppage. no one get up like that after getting choked out, at least not what I´ve seen.

  2. Do you guys remember Tim Sylvia vs. Frank Mir?
    (Herb was the ref for that one too).

    Tim never tapped and was totally pissed when the fight was stopped, even though his fucking arm was snapped in half.

    So there totally is the possibility that Robbie was lying to stay in the game (not crapping on him, I’m saying he’s a warrior), and that Herb did the right thing, just like he did back then with Tim and Frank (even though the “Maine-iac” was vehemently protesting all the way to the hospital).

  3. I've been out before, and i had no idea who where or what i was, not saying Ben lost or Robbie won. oh, there was no stumble not sure where you saw him stumble but i saw no stumble after watching it 20 or so times.

  4. Great explanation I agree 100%, was out even if it's just for a split second it doesn't matter he was separated from consciousness period. At 21:00 right when he escapes to his back he looks IDENTICAL to Adam Sandler!! 🤭

  5. He absolutely did not stumble. I agree he would’ve been out given a couple more seconds, but it was Askren getting up that made him standing look weird. His foot hit Robbie’s thigh.

  6. Sickening thing is this: Dana knows that Robbie was out too. He was in MMA business too long not to notice a good choke. But he still wants to make Askren versus Robbie again.

    I'm sorry Dana, but based on the first match, I don't think Robbie is the person to beat your least favourite fighter. The game got tough because of slam damaging Askren's head. But Askren didn't have to get slammed like that. He was little bit greedy with the grip he had at the time and let Robbie slam him.

    But he was able to get either takedown or grappling position every time he wanted, even after he was bombed harshly. Rematch will be very likely be the same.

  7. How many videos you going to make about BEN??? First one was ok but this one I couldn't finish…you didn't plan it out at ALL and kept trying to get your story together and moved the camera man 20 times and that is where I stopped watching….Good night smh

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