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Lewis survives only by spending the whole match holding the cage to avoid being taken down. You can see why that is not allowed anymore.

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50 thoughts on “VIntage MMA Real Fight WITHOUT RULES”

  1. I don't pretend to understand the purist techniques these guys are doing here,it's not great entertainment from a spectator who doesn't appreciate the skill set,I'm enjoying UFC more these days but orthodox boxing is still the king of combat sports i reckon,I'm not being inflammatory but the big names seem to utilise the striking game,this grappling wouldn't be a unit shifter with the average viewer

  2. That was interesting for me. Gracie had probably never met a man who could stop him from getting the back attack (choke). If they only had one rule: stop a stalemate and return them to the center–then we would have been able to see more punching and kicking and random action.

  3. True skill against skill is rarely exciting to watch .
    when pitted against each other .
    Skilled fighter vs equal = boring.

    This is almost the, opposite with shity Fighters.
    They light up the crowd by flailing arms around. Reckless fast entertainment until one of them gets knocked out.
    A fight that is not for the crowd but for higher stakes, They can last hours if not days wearing their opponent down.
    In a long game of , "who makes the mistake that gets them defeated.

  4. If this is free fighting (no rules), how come no kidney blows were used. Fight would have ended very quickly. So many blows unused. With all targets available, this fight should have ended in minutes.

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