Urijah Faber explains his decision to retire | UFC TONIGHT

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Urijah Faber joined Kenny Florian and Tyron Woodley to discuss his hall of fame induction, building a fight team and preparing for retirement.

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46 thoughts on “Urijah Faber explains his decision to retire | UFC TONIGHT

  1. Faber doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame. His accomplishments were made in the WEC. In the UFC He was second best at most. But as well all know the UFC Hall of Fame is a joke.

  2. that tommy toe hold stuff is so unfunny, how are they putting that on the air? Faber is all class though, I have always been a huge fan of his. I wish him much success in his post fighting life. Great dude.

  3. The UFC is such a corny promotion…Give the Hall of Fame some legitmacy and wait a little longer than a few months after someone retires to induct them.

  4. Downvoting for the obnoxious and completely unfunny Tommy Toe Hold. Please get Prebek on. Hire him. Wash him in riches. He is more witty than TTH by every measure.

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