UFC Wichita: Blagoy Ivanov full post-fight interview

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Former WSOF heavyweight champion Blagoy Ivanov spoke with the media backstage at UFC on ESPN+ 4 in Wichita, Kan.

41 thoughts on “UFC Wichita: Blagoy Ivanov full post-fight interview

  1. Едно голямо Браво за скромния и силен Българин!!! В прослава на Родината малкото "птички" пролет не правят, ама …. Жив и здрав да е Багата!

  2. Close fight, but Bagata did a little bit more. So good to see another Bulgarian fighter in the UFC. He was a champion in an organization where the competition was nowhere near the level of the UFC and he is beginning to realize that. If they don't throw him to the wolves he can certainly grow, he just needs some time. I really hope the UFC treat him right so he can show his potential.

    Браво Бага, пръсна му муцката !!

  3. This dude very obviously lost. Judges were idiots with their scorecards. Not to mention look at how badly wrecked this dude looks. Ridiculous they gave him the W. He was back pedaling the whole time and only got a few individual power shots in there. Rothwell threw combos and always put on the pressure.

  4. For first two rounds it was Rothwell walking forward and getting jabbed and overhanded to his face (i don't really know where those UFC stats came together, because i was watching fight close and it seemed to me like Rothwell didn't really landed that much strikes). I think Rothwell kinda fall for his own strategy, he has those very slow and patient starts, because all he needs is to catch you one time, so he walks forward and takes dmg, and waits for that one opening to counter… but Blagoy was too careful (which was smart way of fighting guy like Rothwell). I would understand argument about third round, where Rothwell kinda got into action, realizing he aint gona catch Blagoy, so he had to go after him… so in third round he did more, but first two rounds no doubt, Blagoy, so 29-28 is absolutely allright. Also, no reason to boo a man and this performance, most fans on those events are such fkin regulars.

  5. So many uneducated bias opinions by Blagoy fans lmfao I don't like either of these guys at all but Rothwell simply did more to get the decision IMO. Blagoy fans act like Ben didn't touch him the whole fight yet look at his face.

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