UFC superstar refuses to fight five rounds in main event; Amanda Nunes vs Cyborg rematch wont happen

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Dana White wanted Jose Aldo to headline UFC on ESPN+ 2, but ex-champ ‘didn’t want’ five rounds
Amanda Nunes coach Conan Silveira throws water on Cris Cyborg’s rematch hopes
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38 thoughts on “UFC superstar refuses to fight five rounds in main event; Amanda Nunes vs Cyborg rematch wont happen

  1. No rematch.??? If this was Boxing i could clearly understand… but in UFC there's not much competition, fighters usually fight each other 2 & 3 times. Sounds like Nunes team still think Cyborg is a high risk… a rematch is inevitable.

  2. what nunes coach even talking about? then who she need to fight next?? she defeat two of the most dominant female fghter of all time n now not even a single fghter out there look dominant or popular enough for her to fight next. u get more money from the rematch, u can proved to people its not a fluke or lucky shot n u will be more well known if u win cyborg two times. there will be more great opportunity/money for nunes if she do it. now her coach look like they scare to do it again thinking it just lucky the first way around.

  3. 5 rounds is to long anyway!!! Most exciting fights are done in a few rounds. People like conor are at there best 1-2 rounds, if they have to pace it for 5 rounds they hold back!!

    Are we not entertained!!!

  4. Can you really blame Aldo? He doesn't need to be in a main event anymore. Obviously any fighter benefits more from a 3 round fight. He just wants to try and run through someone in the top 5 and get a title shot again. Aldo is still the greatest Featherweight to ever do it. It's about defending the Belt not who you beat.

  5. Why is Anderson Silva still fighting someone tell me, all you can do at this age is tarnish your legacy. If I am Nunes I pick my opponents and grow my bank account before talking another dangerous fight. It's business never personal.

  6. No Nunez coach it's not the fact that cyborg has gone unbeaten for 13 years. She deserves a rematch not like chicken mcnugget tapping to khabib and possibly gets one. Cyborg is still the goat, Nunez needs to beat her one more time to claim that title.
    Edit…I take back what I said. As max Holloway suggest, he won't be the goat till he beats aldo' s record at the top, but for now aldo still the goat.

  7. 10+ years of being undefeated and a humble/great person for the sport… ummm she definitely deserves a rematch…. I bet if Conor wanted a rematch vs khabib he would get it…. smh

  8. A real champ do not turn down any fights it should be votes where fans vote who the champ should fight. Nunes dont want to be in the ring with cyborg tells it all. She felt that she landed some lucky shot and KO cyborg. Thats what I saw and truly believe nunes felt too. She is just happy now having the belts and try to drag as long as possible picking easy fight to hold on that belt. Thats why I like jon jones, the guy is not scared of nobody. And he win by pure skills not lucky shot like Nunes and become a champ. I find it funny how u all accept her as a champ just by winning like that. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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