UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference Highlights

Check out the highlights from the UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference.

32 thoughts on “UFC Summer Kickoff Press Conference Highlights

  1. I like DC, he's funny and makes me laugh; has a point that i agree with; Jon Jones should have to prove himself down his redemption road but he brings in money to the UFC so enough said. I like Nunes; she's proven herself as a good fighter and no one can argue that; she's up there because she deserves to be and Valentina is just another fighter looking to take her belt away (and she's a good fighter too) but Nunes can talk because she's earned her way and she's not being disrespectful.

  2. these girls are not good at English,that's why their speech seems meaningless,but the point is Amanda doesn't act like a champ,she ll lose division's belt after the following fight of this fight.

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