UFC Rochester: Kevin Lee Discusses His Path in MMA

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Kevin Lee discusses his MMA journey with Brendan Fitzgerald from watching Georges St-Pierre vs BJ Penn on television to headlining UFC events himself. Lee faces Rafael Dos Anjos in the main event of Fight Night Rochester on Saturday, May 18.

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44 thoughts on “UFC Rochester: Kevin Lee Discusses His Path in MMA

  1. Kevin has everything it takes to be a champ but needs better team. Since that coach died he wasn’t the same. He needs someone to tell him the truth which is ur striking isn’t your biggest strength is, your wrestling is so stick to it. The reason khabib is successful is because he doesn’t strike with striker he takes them down and beat them, Kevin stick with your fundamentals and u will be champ

  2. Kevin's actually a likeable guy when he isn't trying too hard. On the Joe Rogan podcast he came across like a cool guy, however when he's trying to sell himself during media events he overdoes it

  3. Met him in Atlanta at the Hilton in an elevator on the day of ufc 236 max vs Dustin. He got on at the 23rd floor with all his rebok gear. When he got on I just froze up. He had his AirPods in and I immediately knew it was him. I finally asked him hey your Kevin right he said yeah man and I got a picture with him. I went on to tell him, him vs khabib would’ve been a good match up and good luck with his fight at 170 with rda. He said he was there for interviews and to watch max put in work lol. But yeah when I saw him he was like a month out from his fight. But yeah he’s a cool dude. Shorter than you would expect but he’s swoll. I’m deff going to be routing for him.

  4. Poor Dos Anjos, they just keep giving him wrestlers….I don't want Kevin to win this but I don't really see a reason why he wouldn't. Dos Anjos doesn't have the stopping power at all.

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