UFC Rankings Report: Miesha Tate Helps Break Down UFC 211

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate joined Forrest Grififn and Matt Parrino this week in a packed edition of the Rankings Report. They react to Stipe Miocic and Joanna Jedrzejczyk both defending titles and rankings changes.

20 thoughts on “UFC Rankings Report: Miesha Tate Helps Break Down UFC 211

  1. This list is absolutely worthless. Conor got beat up by Nate twice. Wheres Nate then? Tyron Woodley got beat up by Thompson and EVERYONE knows he lost that fight. Khabib is terrified of Tony and faked a weight cut issue. Khabib's highest ranked opponent, EVER, is #6. Where the fuck is Tony??? He is on a REAL 9 FIGHT WIN STREAK! Destroying EVERYONE in front of him in the rankings. Tony is the REAL LW Champ. Why is Cody above JJ??? Why is Bisping on there? WTF. This is pure Liberal Elite PROPAGANDA…

  2. i cant believe you people still take the rankings seriously. there is no criteria known for them. Jon Jones isnt even on the P4P list 4:50 hahhaah what a joke. i respect all the fighters though, fantastic athletes and warriors

  3. Miesha was right, there must be communication between the ref and the fighters and the ref must say stop when it has to be stopped because it will be illegal already when you hit him again, fuck they just wait and see what the fighters will do before they act, whats worse was that it costs Weidman the fight

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