UFC on FOX 30: Dustin Poirier Doesn’t Think Eddie Alvarez is Dirty, But ‘He Did Some Foul Stuff’

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At UFC on FOX 30 media day in Calgary, Dustin Poirier discusses why he believes he’ll get a title shot with a win over Eddie Alvarez, the illegal knees Alvarez hit him with in their last fight, his charitable giving and much more.

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44 thoughts on “UFC on FOX 30: Dustin Poirier Doesn’t Think Eddie Alvarez is Dirty, But ‘He Did Some Foul Stuff’

  1. Dustin is more skilled and refined, but he sometimes has mental lapses in fights. He just can't get sucked into a crazy brawl. If he stays disciplined and technical, he'll pick Eddie apart imo.

  2. Dustins heart is in the right place but giving his wages to 'A cancer society'?? they still claim that they are unsure what cancer is and it IS NOT contacted through your diet even though its  chronic metabolic disease. Folks do not take a leaf out of Dustins book and give your wages to a multi million doller fraud. cheers

  3. Lost all respect for Eddie after what he did in his last fight and the things that he went off saying. You can say many things about Dustin's strengths and weakness as a fighter, but one thing you cannot say is that he has a quit in him. Hope Dustin beats Eddie convincingly and marches on to a brighter future!

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