UFC Now Ep. 402: The Return of the Korean Zombie Preview

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On this episode of UFC NOW, we’ll talk about a young strawweight, that is determined to rise to the top of her division. We’ll also talk about the return of one of the most exciting fighters to ever compete in the UFC. We’re also back with another edition of Roundhouse, as Kenny Florian and Alan Jouban will play a game of Do You Know? And you are not going to want to miss our Top 5 for the week, which is the Top 5 Dream Rematches. Don’t miss the full episode this Saturday on UFC FIGHT PASS.

39 thoughts on “UFC Now Ep. 402: The Return of the Korean Zombie Preview”

  1. Chinese and Koreans are barbaric repulsive fuckers who use the most disturbing ways to kill "mans best friend" DOGS and even cats.



  2. Don't like that he's being thrown at Bermudez. Idk why the ufc is against tune up fights. Give zombie a can to crush and let him put on a show. Instead I'm nervous one of my all time favs is gonna look rusty against a legit contender and lose.

    5th round darce choke tho. #WARZOMBIE

  3. Every hardcore mma fan cant wait till the Korean Zombie comes back! He was puttin in work before he had to do service in South Korea and ill never forget that twister on Leonard Garcia! But he is coming back to a even tougher division this time.

  4. one of my favorite 145lb fighter in mma :') I can't wait to see his comeback against the brutal Bermudez!!! He mark the history of UFC with his phenomenal Twister against Leonardo Garcia (who is an explosive fighter, very exiting to watch, who has great great fights in UFC and others mma organisations).
    If you don't know Leonardo Garcia let's go watch his fights 😉 Win or lose, it is allways a spectacular performance.

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