UFC Moncton: Anthony Smith full media day scrum

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UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith spoke with media ahead of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 138 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

30 thoughts on “UFC Moncton: Anthony Smith full media day scrum”

  1. Champions fight once a year. Contenders need to fight 3-4 times a year. Nobody at 205 proves a challenge for DC. Anthony Johnson would KO this guy and his opponent in under a round.

  2. Anthony Smith has some personality going on here!

    When you listen to him talk while watching his body language and composure… you just get a really good vibe

    better be fucking ready Volkan, this is not gonna be a walk in the park.

  3. Why this guy acting so cocky? talking about Volcan don't have heart because he lost to the goat, you got ur ass whooped not so long ago by thiago santos, a guy not even ranked middleweight, at least volcan lost to the p4p #1 the double champ and he did put up a fight.

  4. U better bring then talking that build up, dont be waiting around fight night go straight to his ass and use that elbow its deadly to the chin. I dont know why fighters stand in front of each other and never use the elbow , some do but most dont

  5. the first time i seen him was when he beat steroid lombard. volkin is a ko artist. imo this fight can go either way. i feel like anthony smith might be more well rounded. doesnt mean i think he will win though

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