UFC Men’s Bantamweight Rankings – A Complete History

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Michael Hutchinson takes us through the complete history of the UFC Men’s Bantamweight Rankings, including the rise of TJ Dillashaw, Cody Garbrandt, and the title runs of Dominick Cruz and Renan Barao.


38 thoughts on “UFC Men’s Bantamweight Rankings – A Complete History”

  1. Not surprised the majority of the video Cruz just isn’t fighting. Idk why he just doesn’t retire I remember faber brought it up before their trilogy and it made sense Cruz fights at most once a year maybe.

  2. Cody doesn't get another chance for a while or at least 2 x top 5 wins later. Cruz deserves a shot at TJ but I hope TJ get's him next time. Don't chase him so much TJ as judges excessively award his evasiveness. Assuncao probably gets the raw deal here. Great vid man and love the BW division too. How about LW division? Tony, Khabib, Conor I mean it's days of our lives on steroids in that division.

  3. this is more of a summary..missed alot of factors in the rankings.. Rob font is the best fighter not in the top 10… hes gone toe to toe 3 rounds with the best 135ers. TEAMFONT!!

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