UFC Liverpool: Stephen Thompson post-fight press conference

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30 thoughts on “UFC Liverpool: Stephen Thompson post-fight press conference”

  1. resect to both great technical strikers. it was a close fight but for me darren won it in the 5th cuz of the pressure, power punches, ring control and knockdown. he wanted it more for me. all these mma experts need to learn the new rules of mma. if u do know the rules then till won. simple

  2. wonderboy didn't even get credit for the take down they be like 6 rounds – 0. Jason Knight also knocked the guy down twice but apparently take downs in the fight equals winning the round

  3. Those Woodley fights have changed Stephen. He's lost that urgency. I love Wonderboy, i don't consider myself a fan of any fighter, i'm a fan of the sport, but i love Wonderboy, he's brilliant. But he's lost that fight based on having too much patience, being TOO wary. i don't want to critique an elite level athlete cos who the fuck am i…just a fan. But i don't know, he's lost that spark to go for it, he's almost too confident in his counter striking. Maybe he should just start going for takedowns and wrestling a little bit? What does everyone else think?

  4. Guarantee Till gets the title shot now that RDA/Covington are fighting in a month (and Woodley is ready now)… I'd prefer to see Usman smash Till, but they're gonna push him like Conor…

  5. Basically Woodley vs. Thompson 3, they were waaaayyyyyy to friendly. I was on the Till hype train but I’m gonna pump the brakes after that performance. Still think Justin Gaethje is the best fighter to watch..!!

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