UFC Lincoln: Justin Gaethje full media day scrum

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Former WSOF lightweight champion Justin Gaethje spoke with the media ahead of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 135 event in Lincoln, Neb.

32 thoughts on “UFC Lincoln: Justin Gaethje full media day scrum

  1. He looks like he's tired of getting the, "So you've been knocked out in your last 2 fights, when are you planning to use your All-American wrestling" and the "Do you see yourself becoming the UFC lightweight champion" questions.

  2. lol fans really are fickle. When he was winning he was a championship level fighter but as soon as he lost, to top lightweights in very competitive fights mind, he's suddenly a bum and needs to retire? Fuck that. Gaethje's got skills, he's got heart and come Saturday night he's going to show it. WAR GAETHJE!

  3. People acting like he is Khabib or some black belt jiujitsu just because he doesn't wrestle, what if he takes them down and can't really do nothing with it? Maybe that's a reason he doesn't use it, most fighters have good TD defence and a good guard so it's pretty much a waste of energy unless you are excellent in jiujitsu. And he doesn't want to just lay on top of people

  4. First off James Vick looks like death right now with this weight cut but James Vick being 6 foot 3 with those skinny legs. JG isn't gonna have to even land a punch. I think there's a big possibility that he stops Vick with leg kicks

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