UFC Fighter Gets Shoulder Range Back With Hammer Chiropractor

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Donald Cowboy Cerrone gets a visit in with Dr. Beau

27 thoughts on “UFC Fighter Gets Shoulder Range Back With Hammer Chiropractor

  1. Hey doc! Any tips on how to break up calcium deposits in my neck / upper trap area? They won't go away and have muscle spasms associated with them. I've tried everything from mris to emgs and everything is normal. That hammering technique looks like it could do the trick. Any recommendations ?? Please respond

  2. If you`re reading this Dr. Hightower I just wanna say your doing excellent work. Can you fix a pectus excavatum? OH btw Video would`ve been better if Cowboy Cerrone had his Cowboy hat on 🙂

  3. Chiropractic care was meant for YouTube….lots of visual and sound that is larger than life and outside most of our comfort zone…

    I was going to say – wow he’s brave for hammering dudes like that but then I thought of a brain surgeon and his normal procedure first jackhammering through your skull to pry it open and then slicing around with a hot knife…

    In perspective that hammer won’t so bad

  4. Small chance you read this but if you do could you recommend a legitimate chiropractor in the DFW area of Texas if you know one? I train Bjj and Muay thai and need a legitimate chiropractor to adjust me.

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