UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen and Dash Cryptocurrency

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Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLGGm3s-czA&feature=youtu.be

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2 thoughts on “UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen and Dash Cryptocurrency”

  1. Chael is hilarious, he's a master of selling fights. His video is mainly airtime for Dash to promote themselves and crypto… but Chael has done his homework and understands wallets and value transfer etc. I enjoyed it, I was a big fan of his as fighter and I think he's refreshing in sport. He's done several podcasts with Joe Rogan too. He is a good spokesman for crypto in MMA, defo a positive step. His video received a lot of negative comments, which reminds me how early we still are in this space.

    Talking of UFC and Joe Rogan, here's a good video for you… https://youtu.be/1sOxtBiBpE4

  2. I should have realized it was Chael. Great character. The first to give Anderson Silva a run for his money. Animals we are and we all love a good fight night. BJPenn and Max Holloway represent Fiat State Hawaii. Aloha.

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