UFC Fight Night 146 Fighter Showcase #1 – Junior Dos Santos

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37 thoughts on “UFC Fight Night 146 Fighter Showcase #1 – Junior Dos Santos

  1. I haven’t watched your content in almost a year, I lost my old YouTube account and I didn’t have as much time for awhile to watch YouTube but I just recently got back into UFC 3 and remembered how great your video content is for MMA games. Last few days I’ve spent my lunch breaks watching your videos, you got some great content bro! I watch your fights and try to implement some of your strategies into my own gameplay and it helps a ton. Congrats on the ESPN sponsor and keep up the great work!

  2. I always felt something was off about JDS’s model. Like he’s not that tall relatively but he looks so damn big on the screen. Now I get it. He’s got a gigantic lower body!

  3. The editing on this video at the beginning was super smooth, as always well done Henry! Been looking forward to watching this at the end of the day, i just came back from MMA, rolled with some PURPLE belts in bjj, and i am not even a belt yet.. Obviously i got submitted 10 times hahah, but i did escape one flip turned into a choke, it was crazy the entire gym said i was going to tap and i was able to muscle my way out of a VERY tight choke and get completely back onto my feet :P. The man was bigger than me, he was 198 lbs (90 kg) and i am 143 lbs (65 kg).. a huge size difference, definitely proud of that one escape hahah XD.
    Rant done, cheers for all your content bro.. As always.

  4. derrick lewis is a terrible fighter i think he's gonna get knocked out if he doesnt lose all 3 rounds and then get the ko in end of round 3 lol

  5. I'm gonna sign up not because i need to, simply because its the only way i have to repay you for all the hours and hours of entertainment that you provide us all, so thank you

  6. Hell nah man, those over hands should gas you out fast if you just keep throwing and whiffing on them. Otherwise people like this can just spam them & get lucky because it’s so overpowered it even breaks through blocks

  7. i can’t STAND people who just exploit overhands and knees, it’s so damn irritating lmao they just have nothing else to throw so resort to bum tactics. it’s pathetic. it’s basura. 💀

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