UFC FIGHT NIGHT 111: Ji Yeon Kim Vs Lucie Pudilova Post Fight Analysis

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Not the most entertaining fight, but still decent!

13 thoughts on “UFC FIGHT NIGHT 111: Ji Yeon Kim Vs Lucie Pudilova Post Fight Analysis”

  1. I knew Ji yeon kim wouldn't get past Lucie. Did you see what Lucie did to Lina Lansberg's eye? That was brutal. Lucie Pudilova is a tough opponent and gives problems to lots of people and was robbed in her last fight…Even Lina said she lost that fight lol. And yeah I agree that Holly would have beat Ji yeon kim without much issues.

  2. Ha ha ha….. Ji Yeon Kim was hyped to beat Holly Holm? LMAO…. She cant even beat the unranked Pudilova… Ji Yeon Kim ground game really good? I have my big doubts…. Ji Yeon Kim needs not to be hyped…. She is still an ordinary fighter…nothing more….

  3. kim didn't lose anything with that performance on short notice. I'm glad I woke up for this card and can't wait to see her in the octagon again. these non-ppv cards have been fire!

  4. Really Coach…you actually thought Ji Yeon Kim would whoop Holly Holms ass? Im starting to really doubt your fight analyst skills man. You let your dislike for fighters bias your fight analysis. Stop it….

  5. Wasn't sure how the fight would go for Holly vs Kim, but now I am fairly certain Holly would eat her up.  Holly has gotten better on the ground herself. And, I think Holly would do better clinch work if it went there. Lucie surprised me in this fight. Kudos to her.

  6. It looked like Pudilova's strategy was to steal the first round with a lot of jab work and then to make the fight ugly once Kim started getting her range. It worked — credit to her and her coaching staff, they did what they had to do to get a win against a talented fighter. . Pudilova started to get eaten up in the 2nd round and she smartly went to the clinch and then burned the clock with ugly guillotine submission attempts.

    This is the 2nd talented Korean fighter i've seen, in the last couple weeks, lose a fight, they could have won with better coaching and preparation. Kim didn't seem to have answers for the clinch game and submission attempts, other than to go on the defense and fight them off. I'm not sure why she didn't reverse the situation and go for her own takedowns — she is supposed to be good on the ground? Very interested to see how she does with a full fight camp preparation behind her. My understanding is that this was a short notice fight for her.

  7. Holly Holm just knocked ole gurl out with a headkick, she would not have done the TO Kim and her and her team knew that. Holly is getting weak to me and I'm starting to not like her, picked a easy fight.

  8. Coach, now correct me if I'm wrong here, but based off what I seen out of Kim, that would have presented alot whole heap of problems for Ms. Holly Holm and her and her team knew that that's why they ducked Kim. Coach I hate to say it, but Golly ducked this young woman. I'm happy for Lucy I'm a fan of hers and I think she wanted to Lina lansberg fight but was robbed.

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