UFC Connected – Episode 6

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In this episode we take an all access look at the UFC’s first event in Liverpool in ‘Fight Night Follow Up’ and the impressive debut of Italian Carlo Pedersoli.

Dan Hardy goes back through the archives and picks his top European UFC trailblazers. And we pay tribute to the career of UK MMA legend Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping.

UFC Connected is a monthly magazine show that profiles the fighters and events from the world’s leading MMA promotion.

With a heavy emphasis on fighters from the Europe, Middle East and Asia regions, UFC Connected gives fans a unique look inside the UFC with exclusive access to fighters, teams and events from around the globe.

Fronted by widely respected sports presenter Layla Anna-Lee, each episode includes regular segments and features that cover a diverse range of all aspects within the UFC.

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36 thoughts on “UFC Connected – Episode 6”

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