UFC Calgary: Khabib Nurmagomedov full guest fighter interview

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UFC lightweight champion Nurmagomedov spoke with the media during Saturday’s UFC on FOX 30 event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

27 thoughts on “UFC Calgary: Khabib Nurmagomedov full guest fighter interview”

  1. Hey, Khabib might win… or Conor isn't a moron and has been working on rounding out his skillset all this time away. Would Conor by submission shake up the world? Everyone knows what Khabib is going to do but I suspect Conor has some surprises in store for us. We'll see. If he hasn't upped his cardio he is a moron…

  2. I never seen anybody that confident going up against conor, with aldo and eddie you can see they were either ignorant or they didn't believe in what they saying, but with khabib you can see he's understanding everything including conor skills yet still smiles, I put my money on khabib.

  3. You obviously can't count Conor out because he's dangerous… but he has one way only to beat Khabib. Other than that i see Khabib giving him hell for 3 rounds tops.

  4. Oh man. Khabibi you'll win but don't lie to the fans you'll take the first submission you can get. You're not gonna play with him because you know it's too dangerous

  5. Khabib's biggest problem is not listening to his corner. If he does that vs Conor he's going to sleep. There's no way that he can out strike Conor. McNuggets is to fast and accurate. What's going to happen? Khabib should train with someone that's going to back him up. That's what Conor does best. So Khabib should practice take downs while someone is stalking him. If Khabib takes Conor down VERY early in the first that will be great.

  6. Conors window to win is between the opening bell and the first time khabib takes him down. Once khabib took down johsnon and barboza, at the end of the round they were slow to get up, tired and broken. Will be even worse for conor with his shitty conditioning unless he kos khabib before the first takedown

  7. i love khabib but i dont think he will get to grapple conor he will get slept quickly conors boxing is so good now after training for floyd he will use footwork get in get out and come off the centerline while khabib marches forward and he will get slept

  8. Bro I swear if conor cant get him out of there quick hes fucked. And after khabib took that wheel kick so smooth from.barboza I think he cantake some of his shots from conor but I domt think conor will fight khabib. He will say they couldnt get a deal done

  9. Honestly i like Khabib but when he says i am champion and he beat Laquinta for it i mean common. Be humble and say they gave me the title i didnt earn it. He didnt fight Kevin, Tony, Poirier or Conor i mean common…. I hope this doesnt step into his head and he will get KO-d in first round…

  10. I don't think it's going to be an easy fight for Khabib against Conor or Tony. His chin isn't granite, he got rocked in that Johnson fight and had problems with Al Iquintas striking. Let's see, I want Khabib to win but hope he doesn't underestimate Conor

  11. Khabib needs to work on finishing fights faster.His grappling is in a league of it's own.if he finishes his opponents earlier the room for error decreases.either way he just mauls people.tony on the other hand is a volumne fighter who throws but the kitchen sink at you.But he trains knowing that he's gonna get hit.he expects a strike and brushes it off when it lands.khabib on the other hand gets stunned when a strike lands at him.which is why I think tony beats khabib and so does conor

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