UFC Calgary: Islam Makhachev full post-fight interview

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UFC lightweight Islam Makhachev spoke with the media following Saturday’s UFC on FOX 30 event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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  1. he is not russian. khabib is not russian too. alexander volkov is russian. alexey oleynik is russian. khabib & Islam is FRom Dagestan. dagestan is with its own language, flag, mentality, nationality, culture and so on. russia was and is an imperia and they're always occupied its neighbour countries . look at the history – how many years russia tried to conquer dagestan and chechnya. and dagestan gave up and chechnya too, sort of. cause with chechnya is differnete ( in my opinion soon as todays chechnya dictator goes down as soon chcechnya do every thing to seperates from russia because russia is always were an enemy and ocupant of caucasus countries. originally russians are orthodox christian. and caucasian countries is strickly muslim countries. they languages is absolutely different. and even caucasian men speaks russian he speaks with not like orginal russian. he speaks like for example spanish men in english with some special accent . if you know russian you will notice that Khabib speaks with special accent too. so rusian and caucasian countries is differente worlds with absolutely differente cultures and mentalities. alah u akbar !!

  2. Remain humble in life and the world is your oyster.. it's when you get arrogant the world ends up on top of your shoulder. UfC needs to fix up and pay the fighters there dues as they put everything on the line risking permanent damage for peanuts whilst the top cat owner sit pretty counting ppv and sponsorhip monies the twats..

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