UFC Calgary: Dustin Poirier full post-fight press conference

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UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier spoke with the media following Saturday’s UFC on FOX 30 event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

22 thoughts on “UFC Calgary: Dustin Poirier full post-fight press conference”

  1. Dustin dreaming he got KO by Michael Johnson 4 fights ago. The guy's he has fought are all washed up Jim Miller, Anthony Pettis, and Justin G. He acts like he deserves a title shot over Tony Ferguson give me a break T Ferguson won 10 in a row and fought way better competition. Said he is better than all these guys when they mentioned Tony Ferguson but didn't say he would take the fight with him. Tony will spank his ass and knock him back to reality.

  2. Doesn’t matter if an illegal strike lands. It’s still an illegal strike. Same as if someone goes into a band to rob it but the cashier doesn’t give them the money. They’re still going to jail.

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