UFC 9 Free Fight: Mark Schultz vs Gary Goodridge (1996)

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In his one and only MMA bout, 1984’s US Olympic gold medal winning freestyle wrestler Mark Schultz went from the mats to the Octagon against UFC 8 tournament’s runner-up “Big Daddy” Gary Goodridge.

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47 thoughts on “UFC 9 Free Fight: Mark Schultz vs Gary Goodridge (1996)

  1. These old fights were crazy. Back then there were no rounds, so the goal of the fight was to see who can hypothetically kill the other guy first. MMA pioneers were some fearless people.

  2. As always Little John McCarthy is a sack of shit ref! Fuckin’ idiot was always interrupting the fights to give someone an advantage. Depending on who was fighting he would do something to change the outcome. Here Schultz has taken Goodrich down where he has the advantage and numb nuts stands them up so Gary has a chance to use his height and reach on the shorter man. Despite McCarthy’s interference Schultz just threw him on his ass repeatedly, great job Mr. Schultz!

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  4. I’ll never forget when I first saw this on pay per view. When I heard that Mark Schultz was going to be fighting, my jaw dropped in shock.This is back when the UFC had unknown competitors, and here was an Olympic gold-medalist, in the octagon. Not only that, it was Mark Schultz.The brother of David Schultz, who was infamously gunned down by Charles DuPont. I was about to see a gold medalist wrestler competing in my new, favorite sport. To see him multiple times pick up and slam the much heavier Goodridge, was an incredible experience.

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